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The Global Fundraising Group offers:

  • interesting, fun and ethic jobs for new staff members.
  • professional and positive people management.
  • Opportunities for its members of staff to learn management skills and achieve leading positions within their organizations.
  • entrepreneurial development and business opportunities for their best leaders.

For many young fundraisers working as field operatives in one of our network agencies their job might be the first one in their professional career. For the Global Fundraising Group, it is therefore hugely important to offer work which is meaningful, fun and also guarantees good income and job progression. The work our network companies provide often help our staff to gain additional social awareness, take on more responsibility and very often even gives their life more meaning.

Excellent people management and positive motivation are key factors in all Global Fundraising Group companies. This principle paired with constant training enables many of our staff to reach leadership positions. A handpicked few even have the chance to become founders and co-owners of enterprises.